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Opening a HotForex PAMM account is very easy and offers several advantages for PAMM investors. Tight spreads and high flexibility, while there are hundreds of different PAMM managers to choose among.

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PAMM Investors -Choosing PAMM Managers

In order to choose the right PAMM Managers, HotForex investors can review the past PAMM Performance and select those managers matching best their investment objectives. The PAMM Performance Table, as you can see in the following image, filters all the results of PAMM managers by:

  1. Active/ inactive trade strategies,

  2. Current PAMM manager's ranking,

  3. Minimum deposit,

  4. PAMM manager's gain, and

  5. PAMM manager's maximum drawdown.

The PAMM Performance Table, as you can see in the following image, filters all the results of PAMM managers by:

Joining a Free HotForex PAMM Account Rebate Plan in collaboration with provide a Forex Trading Rebate Plan for all HotForex PAMM clients. You can receive $1.8/lot for rebate all your PAMM trades, or $6.4/lot for regular trading accounts:

$1.8/lot for all your PAMM Accounts

$6.4/lot for regular trading accounts

No documentation / Intraday Registration

Fully automated daily payments in your own trading account


Join the Free HotForex PAMM Rebate Plan in 2 Simple Steps

1. Register with HotForex via our Rebate Link: HotForex PAMM $1.8/lot Rebate Link

2. Contact us and wait for Confirmation (intraday response)Contact from here to confirm your PAMM account number


Benefits for Hotforex PAMM Investors

These are some key benefits for the Hotforex PAMM investors:

(1) HotForex PAMM Managers must trade, and risk, their own capital as well with investors capital (Manager's Capital)

(2) PAMM investors can access any reports regarding the PAMM manager's performance in real-time (via myHotForex)

(3) PAMM investors can deposit or withdraw funds from their PAMM account at any time (no charges)

(4) PAMM investors can protect their capital by setting a maximum acceptable risk level

(5) HotForex is a safe place to trade, the broker is regulated by many government bodies, offering also full client account segregation


HotForex PAMM Accounts for Fund Managers

The HotForex PAMM system is based on the MT4 multi-terminal platform and allows fund managers to use Expert Advisors (EAs) in order to automate their transactions. HotForex offers ECN execution via the CurreneX network.

These are some advantages for Forex fund managers:

  • Real ECN Trading / No requotes

  • Tight spreads and low commissions

  • Fast Execution (partial execution is an option)

  • MT4 Multiterminal / WebTrader available

  • Trading via Expert Advisors (Auto-trade)

  • Scalping fully allowance

  • Different Account Types

HotForex PAMM Managers will receive a Success Fee (%) of the investor's share of the profit. All profits / losses will be shared between all investor accounts on a proportional basis.


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